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I graduated from University of Wroclaw, Poland in 2006 and a month later landed in the UK starting my new life in what would eventually become my home country for good. 

I have spent way too many years trying to find a job that would be fulfilling, rewarding and creative but wherever I went, I always missed that spark that would make me jump out of bed in the morning, feeling happy and enthusiastic about going to work. I was coming back from work every evening and too many times all I could say about my day at work was ‘...meh!’ Another few years spent searching for my dream job made me think I had to accept some people are lucky in finding great employment and some people are not. 

By 2008, I had two beautiful children, was focused on my family and pretended I did not hear my diploma crying alone, tucked away in a drawer. I never believed my foreign education and experience would be good enough to be able to teach in the UK, despite many of my friends and my children’s peers telling me I should have gone into teaching.

From 2019 I tried to apply every year but every time life was ahead of me - I needed to be sure my Permanent Residency Status would be resolved, I needed a driving licence, I needed a car, my children had to be in the same school… Then the world was hit by the global pandemic.

My kids, who had become young teenagers by then, spent months in Covid lockdown, missing friends and their school. I was watching them trying to make the best out of this unfortunate situation and struggling to reach their potential. Helping them to catch up with their curriculum made me realise home schooling was making me genuinely happy. Whichever subject I could help them with, I would and I was looking forward to those few hours when I could make my creativity bloom, put my knowledge to good use and my passion for Geography and Science turned into their knowledge and understanding. My work-from-home job became a dreadful unfulfilling chore and I felt that nothing would make me happier than going back to learning and starting to teach.

2022 became the year when I made my decision to apply for teacher training with the GUTP. Did I believe it would be an easy process? Absolutely not, but when it came to talking to The GUTP, everything became easy and straightforward. That is when I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I attended a few open events, some online in months of partial lockdown in 2021, and some in person when things went back to normal in 2022 and I had all my questions answered.

No question was too silly for The GUTP and soon my application was complete. The rest is history. Under GUTP care, within a few months I became an Associate Teacher and a full time student of the University of Leicester - making my dream come true. My Polish diploma turned out to be more than enough to fulfil all the requirements, my language and my geographical knowledge was also far from stopping me from becoming a teacher.

The GUTPs excellent selection of lecturers is bringing out one essential skill we all have: sharing our experience and knowledge with other people. Because we all naturally learn from each other and for some of us, it may become a lifetime passion.

I taught my first full lesson yesterday. It felt amazing and I don’t have to think twice if teaching will make me happy- it already does and I’m not even halfway through the course. I jump out of bed in the morning to drive to work and teach my best!

If you are think of teaching but trying to find your courage to start- do not hesitate! Because, if not today- then when?

November 2022


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