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I graduated from Swansea University in 2015 with a degree in geography, and decided to move to Asia to work, travel and experience different cultures. Whilst there I worked in education in both China and South Korea for around 3 years, studied Mandarin for a year and worked at the British Embassy for a year. 

During my time working in the Chinese education sector, I decided I would love to pursue a career in education back in the UK. On returning to the UK, I looked at various providers and the different training routes available, and decided a SCITT was the best option for me. 

Multiple things stood out about The GUTP, the experience they have as a provider and the success rate of trainees, the amount of contact time available in schools, and the specific training offered. The application and recruitment processes were smooth and I felt that I was fully informed about what was expected at each stage.

I would recommend The GUTP to anyone who is looking to get into teaching, as they have been very supportive throughout the recruitment process and my early stages as an AT. They have a fantastic variety of training and are always looking to develop their programme. 

I am currently in the early stages of training with The GUTP, and have found that the subject and general training provided has helped me significantly in my first placement.

My top tips: 

Be organised from the get go, as this will save you so much time and hassle later on. Ask as many questions as you can, information is invaluable, especially from practitioners who have years of experience. 


November 2022

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