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Hi, I am Liam Hyland-Knight, and I am currently an MFL Associate Teacher at the Grand Union Training Partnership. I have just graduated in the summer of 2020 in what has to be described as the strangest form of graduation to date!  I started at The University of Nottingham in September 2016, studying a BA in Spanish and German with Translation.  It was a 4 year course including a compulsory year abroad shared across Spain and Germany, which was a fantastic experience. I joined the GUTP and started my PGCE straight after completing my degree.

Throughout my time in education I have always looked up to those teachers that made the boring subjects enjoyable. I quickly learned that languages were unfortunately part of those subjects for many people at school and I wanted to change the stigma behind the subject. I have always worked in coaching and leadership roles and got great satisfaction from passing knowledge onto others. The get into teaching scheme by the government seemed like the logical choice after finishing my undergraduate degree.  After doing research on the partnerships in the surrounding area and asking peers of mine that are teachers in Milton Keynes / Northamptonshire, it was clear that the GUTP was the best of the bunch.  From the support mechanisms, the high level of instruction and subject-specific provisions, the programme was incredibly attractive and is living up to this expectation so far.

The application was a very simple process, and the recruitment team were exceedingly helpful with all of my queries before the interview.  The interview day was very insightful, allowing me to see how the office and the partner school Sponne operated.  Even if you haven't applied yet I would certainly recommend getting in touch with the GUTP recruitment team with any questions or doubts, as I am sure that they would be happy to help you like they helped me.

As a current AT the GUTP has offered lots of support and lectures surrounding the new life as a teacher and how to cope with the new-found workload.  This has been of paramount importance to me, coming from being a student to being a part time educator as well.  Thanks to the GUTP, settling in has been a very smooth and simple process, knowing that their help is only an email or phone call away.

If you are serious about getting into teaching or want to find out more details about the GUTP I could not recommend their services more!  They have been great in starting my journey to becoming a teacher and making a difference to schools in the area.

October 2020

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